Ten Eleven Entertainment

Ten Eleven Entertainment specialises in the creative development and production of large-scale TV programmes and events. Our years of experience in the television industry and our passion for the field ensure that we know how to translate a good idea into a unique, formatted concept.

In producing concepts, our priorities are quality, image, reliability and enthusiasm; we believe that a positive atmosphere behind the scenes is tangible and visible in the finished product. At Ten Eleven Entertainment, our approach is always based on the strength of the concept, without compromising on professionalism.

We also know how to translate the advertiser’s information into his message like no other. If content is the magic formula for marketeers, then Ten Eleven Entertainment waves the magic wand. We excel in strong positioning of brands and establishing long-term relationships with consumers through both traditional and new media.

From prize to brand

In 2013, Ten Eleven Entertainment introduced de tv-beelden, the Dutch television industry prize – the equivalent of the American Emmy Awards – with which producers and developers in the industry honour one another’s work every year.

In close cooperation with our partners we developed an industry award that has become an institution since its inception and is widely respected by sector associates.

Dutch television producers are known worldwide for their quality and innovation. After the United Kingdom and the United States – the Netherlands is one of the top three countries in respect of development and production of the most successful TV formats. However, closer to home, there is still room within the industry to express our pride towards each other. To plug that gap, we developed a new industry award with a powerful brand experience.

De tv-beelden awards take place annually in March at a grand gala event in Amsterdam, and welcome everyone who works in the industry. Ten Eleven Entertainment organises this event and produces the associated television show.

The television hits of the Netherlands

In recent years, our team has contributed to the greatest TV hits of the Netherlands. That list includes programmes such as: ‘Barend & van Dorp‘, ‘Big Brother‘, ‘Draadstaal‘, ‘Idols‘, ‘Ik Hou van Holland‘, ‘Wat Vindt Nederland?‘, ‘Echt Waar?!‘, ‘Life4You‘ and ‘De Tiende van Tijl‘.


Gijs van Dam, an experienced and well-known media entrepreneur, was the executive producer of the biggest TV hits of the Netherlands, such as ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Idols.’

From 2008 through 2010, he was responsible for the creative direction of John de Mol’s Talpa Productions. As the creative director, he was involved from the outset and produced a large variety of television programmes including ‘Ik Hou van Holland,’ the big Saturday night hit which broadcasting rights are being sold worldwide.

Van Dam started his career with public broadcaster KRO in 1997 on ‘De Breakfastclub’ on Radio 3FM and current affairs magazine ‘Netwerk.’ In 2001, he switched to commercial television when he was asked to produce the late night talk show ‘Barend & van Dorp.’

Gijs has been the owner and director of production house Ten Eleven Entertainment since 2010. In addition, he is chairman of the board of the Stichting de tv-beelden, the organisation that manages the awards of the Dutch television industry prizes.


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